Stacks Governance

Determining the future of the protocol.

Stacks governance is a community-run initiative! As such, it cannot work without your help, and without the input of as many community members as possible. You do not need anyone’s permission to get involved and contribute to the initiative.

– Lane Rettig, Stacks Governance Update #1 4 March, 2020

Stacks Governance

Commonly abbreviated as stacksgov.

  • Project Management - home of the project boards, open issues, and meeting agendas for the Stacks Governance initiative.
  • Resources - documentation of past community calls, a vast list of research, community survey results, initial stakeholder interviews, and more.
  • GitHub Organization - home of the repositories for each site above, Stacks Improvement Proposals (SIPs), and community resources.
  • Stacks Forum - posts specifically related to the development of governance models for the Stacks ecosystem as well information from the Stacks Foundation.
  • Stacks Discord - dedicated chat channels for governance, grants, foundation updates, and more.
  • Youtube Channel - dedicated Youtube channel for the foundation, Stacks governance calls, and Stacks engineering calls.

Join a meeting!

  • Meeting Agendas - Stacks Governance Working Group meetings happen once every 2 weeks, and the agendas can be found on GitHub.
  • Previous Meetings - List of previous meetings for the Governance Working Group and the Engineering Team.