Stacks Mining Strategy

Wise words from other miners.

General Strategy for Mining

The point of the competition is to learn more about how mining will work on mainnet. Instead of giving specific ideas, it is better to formulate your own strategy based on how Proof of Transfer (PoX) works.

For more information about mining, how it works, and the technical details behind it, please refer to the official resources below.

When setting up stacks-node, it is possible to set the amount of BTC spent based on the following configuration options placed under [burnchain].

Config Option Description
burnchain_op_tx_fee Transaction fee per burnchain operation.
burn_fee_cap Max burn fee for a transaction.

Some general factors based on community feedback include:

  1. Fluctuating btc transaction fees
  2. Mining on a fork
  3. Whenever you restart the miner, the initial 6 commitments are spent in building your sortition weight (there is still slight chance you may win during initial 6 blocks, but it’s like 1:20000)
  4. If your miner misses a STX block, same point#4 applies, your chances to win a block is abysmally low for next 6 commitments.

To discuss configuration, strategy, or ask additional questions, please post in the #mining channel of the Stacks Discord.